Volunteers needed!

We currently seek participants for the EU-funded research project on Tinnitus.
For our study, we need to examine both tinnitus affected as well as healthy, control volunteers. At present, we urgently look for individuals with the following profiles:

  • Women 42-56 years old, without tinnitus
  • Men 41-65 years old, without tinnitus
  • Adults with tinnitus

Volunteers should not:

  • have psychiatric nor neurological treatment history
  • suffer from claustrophobia
  • wear hearing aids
  • have metal (iron, nickel or cobalt) implants or objects in their body


Our study will require about 2-3h of your time during which we invite you to watch a movie while we record your brain activity.
We use magnetoencephalography (MEG), a 100% non-invasive and safe method of measurement.
Additionally, we perform a MRI scan and an auditory check. You will be provided both audiometry results as well as a CD with a scan of your brain together with a compensation of 20-30 euros to thank you for your support.

Spread a word!

Download our shareable leaflet with all the information in German here.



All recordings take place Monday to Friday in Salzburg city-based Christian Doppler Klinik MEG Labor:

Please fill-in the contact form by clicking the link here, we will get back to you and establish the most suitable date of visit!
You can also contact our laboratory assistant directly:

Manfred Seifter
Tel. +43 662/8044 5185