Office#: 2.050

Patrick Reisinger

PhD Student (FFG/MED-EL funded)

Research Interests

  • Auditory nerve recordings using cochlear implants (Project: Smart cochlear implants)
  • Listening effort, auditory attention
  • Forward/backward encoding models (Temporal response functions, stimulus reconstruction)



  • Gehmacher*, Q., Reisinger*, P., Hartmann, T., Keintzel, T., Rösch, S., Schwarz, K., & Weisz, N. (2022). (* denotes equal contribution) Direct cochlear recordings in humans show a theta rhythmic modulation of auditory nerve activity by selective attention. The Journal of Neuroscience, JN-RM-0665-21.
  • Suess, N., Hauswald, A., Reisinger, P., Rösch, S., Keitel, A., & Weisz, N. (2022). Cortical tracking of formant modulations derived from silently presented lip movements and its decline with age. Cerebral Cortex, bhab518.


  1. 2019 - ongoing

    PhD Student

    University of Salzburg, Austria
  2. 2017-2019

    MSc in Psychology (Cognitive Neuroscience specialization)

    University of Salzburg, Austria
  3. 2014-2017

    BSc in Psychology

    Sigmund Freud University Linz, Austria

Research stays

  1. 2022
    Research group Experimental Oto-rhino-laryngology (ExpORL), KU Leuven, Belgium (Prof. Dr. Tom Francart)


  • 2019
    Merit Scholarship for outstanding academic achievements
    University of Salzburg, Austria