Manfred Seifter

MSc, Technical Assistant


  • Day-to-day business in the MEG Lab
  • Lab administration
  • Assistance in MEG testings and conducting MEG testings
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Planning and assignment of lab capacities (Calendar…)
  • Material management
  • Performing basic MRI scans


  1. 2015

    Technician/chemist at GEA-Farm in Plainfeld

  2. 2007-2015

    Study of Biology in Salzburg (BSc./MSc.)

  3. 2000-2007

    Technician in electrotechnical company GIFAS-Electric in Eugendorf

  4. 1999-2000

    Civil Service in nursing home in Salzburg

  5. 1994-1999

    HTL for Electrical Engineering in Salzburg