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Contact Information

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Anne Hauswald

Dr. rer. nat., Senior Scientist

Research Interests

  • Visual speech, audio-visual speech
  • Brain networks states, connectivity, and oscillatory states
  • Characterization of resting state networks using graph theory
  • Link between brain states and memory, attention, meditation

Selected publications

  • Hauswald, A., Lithari, C., Collignon, O., Leonardelli, E., & Weisz, N. (2018). A visual cortical network for deriving phonological information from intelligible lip movements. Current Biology.
  • Hauswald, A., Tucciarelli, R. & Lingnau, A. (2018). MEG adaptation reveals action representations in posterior occipitotemporal regions. Cortex, 103: 266-276
  • Hauswald, A., Übelacker, T., Leske, S., & Weisz, N. (2015). What it means to be Zen: marked modulations of local and interareal synchronization during open monitoring meditation. NeuroImage.
  • Ruhnau, P., Hauswald, A., & Weisz, N.(2014). Investigating ongoing brain oscillations and their influence on conscious perception – network states and the window to consciousness. Invited review in Frontiers in Psychology.
  • Hauswald, A.,Weisz, N., Bentin, S., & Kissler, J. (2013). MEG premotor abnormalities in children with Asperger’s syndrome: Determinants of social behavior? Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, 5:95-105

Professional Experience

  1. 2015
    Senior Scientist
    CCNS, University of Salzburg
  2. 2012
    CIMeC, University of Trento, Italy
  3. 2010
    Independent researcher, Zukunftskolleg
    University of Konstanz, Germany
  4. 2009
    Department of Psychology, University of Konstanz, Germany